To Safety Wheel Chocks Sizing

The size of the Safety Chock you need will depend on your vehicle size and its purpose. Identify Your Vehicle Needs.

Measure the physical height of your tyre. A safety wheel chock should be approximately 25% of the diameter of your vehicle tyre and fit snugly into the tyre. eg; A 600mm diameter tyre would require a 150mm high safety wheel chock.

Safety Wheel Chocks Sizing

If your vehicle is parked on a gradient the safety chock needs to be large enough to hold your vehicle while in neutral gear and you may need a minimum of two safety chocks.

Check your vehicle owner’s manual for specifics, as some manufacturers may recommend safety chocks for both front and rear tyres, or more, depending on the number of axles.

NB: When in doubt choose a larger safety chock and chock all axles.


Safety Wheel Chocks are manufactured from high density rubber to ensure long life under harshest conditions.

Safety Check List

  • Always use an adequately sized wheel chock
  • Place wheel chock on a flat, solid surface
  • Fit chock squarely against the tyre and centred with the park brake on
  • Do not use any chocks that are damaged or worn
  • Avoid driving over the chock
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